Animated Training

SHANT stands for SHinqa ANimated Training and develops training through animations. Within highly regulated environments such as GMP/HACCP organizations, training and good procedures are an essential part of maintaining quality. It (her)training staff and aligning training with the supporting documentation are major costs for these types of organizations and distract from growth in production and other quality improvement projects.

Shinqa has years of experience in setting up and describing beschrijven (quality)management processes for laboratories, the pharmaceutical – and food industry. One of the most critical aspects of quality management processes is the training and presentation of correct and relevant information. It is often lacking (adequate) employee training, where the consistency between mutual procedures, testing knowledge and availability of materials is insufficient.

SHANT offers well-thought-out training sessions, addressing all aspects of effective knowledge transfer through visual, audiologist teaching methods in the form of animations, supporting printing and appropriate procedures. These training courses are tested for knowledge transfer through online “exams” with proof of passing.

Good training results in cost savings; less mistakes (deviaties), less time for re-training and fewer questions from authorities/inspectors.

What do we do concretely:

  • Co-writing the procedures and quick start instructions
  • Training employees through. (custom-made) animation videos
  • Online testing and certification of employees
  • Offer the necessary online and offline materials* in one package

Our goal

Ensuring consistency between textual instruction, training and certification. So that the organization can focus on growth in production and quality.

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