Animated Training

Shinqa has years of experience in quality management in laboratories, pharmaceutical and food industry. From improving internal quality processes to recording concise instructions.

One of the biggest causes of reduced quality is the lack of knowledge. It is often lacking (adequate) employee training, where the consistency between mutual procedures, testing knowledge and availability of materials is insufficient. Scientifically proven to transfer knowledge through visual content 600.000 is recorded faster than written information.

Therefore, Shinqa offers through Animated Training:

  • co-writing the procedures
  • train by. animated films with or without subtitles *
  • employees test and certify online
  • required online and offline materials * in one package

*Where desired, animated films can be subtitled and / or with voice overs in different languages (Nederlands, Engels, Spanish, Turks, Moroccan, etc) be delivered.

The necessary offline materials such as printing can be supplied on polyester for factories and wet areas.

Interested in our total offer or in one of the examples below? Please contact us immediately:

  • PROMO 202001, A4 format on polyester
  • per Unit: € 4.70 ex VAT and shipping costs

  • PROMO 202002, A4 format on polyester.
  • Per Unit: € 4.70 ex VAT and shipping costs

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